Our mobile bag - for life's almost (unfortuntely) most important possession

Vår mobilväska - för livets (tyvärr) nästan viktigaste ägodel

There's no surprise that our phones today are our probably most vital possession for our daily lives. With payments, maps, socialising et al in that little shiny thing we would be quite lost without it, no matter what you say. 

Our mobile bag is a neat little bag that carries just that, your phone, as well as a few cards (if you must). We've made it so you don't have that blinking screen in your face all the time but at the same time carry it with you no matter where you're going. With an adjustable shoulder strap it's easy to carry on top of or underneath your jacket. So no more phones in your back pocket, or at the bottom of your Hay Bag. Choose between two colour combinations, you find them and our other accessories here.