The story of the Hay Bag

Historien bakom vår favoritväska - Hay Bag

The Hay Bag by Get the Gallop. It was actually one of our first ideas when Get the Gallop was just a baby. Our partner Lisen Bratt Fredricson started playing with the idea of making a sustainable non-plastic version of the extra large plastic bags we use daily in our horsey lives (name a stable without IKEA bags or other plastic bags, we'll wait). And here we are! The Hay Bag Large, big enough for Victoria Beckham or around 71 litre, was the original idea but we quickly added the Medium size bag to the collection to make sure we also had a handbag version of it too. If you ask us, Large is for weekends Medium for daily life as well as the ultimate hand luggage.

Achieving a more sustainable production is key for us and we're proud of having found a great quality leather for the Hay Bags. The Hay Bag Medium and Large bags are made in Italy from a European vegetable tanned leather, and with organic cotton straps. You can read more about our materials and how to take care of your bag here. 

So now, dear gallopers, start fill them up and enjoy the ride!