Meet the sassy women at Get the Gallop!

Möt kvinnorna bakom Get the Gallop

What do you do at Get the Gallop - Co founder and part owner.
Was: Rider in the Swedish showjumping team for many years now horse business in different shapes
Office location: Grevlunda
Fun fact: 2 Olympics, 3 kids, horses takes me everywhere
Woman icon: I see female icons everyday
Favourite Get the Gallop product: The Hay Bag, it's my 4th kid! I gave birth to it after living in blue plastic bags for too long
Dream Get the Gallop Product: Fun Hay Bag design collabs - hit me!

Title: Model and Welcome Hostess at the office
Location: Stockholm
Fun fact: I always travel in a Hay Bag Medium
Role model: I heard King Charles II sweetheart is a Jack Russel too - just saying
Dream Get the Gallop Product: I keep on trying to convince the team that a pair of dog-sunnies will be a great success.

Title: Creative Director
Location: Stockholm
Fun fact: Would do anything for skiing eller Mother of three daughters (för att knyta an till kvinnodagen)
Role model: My grandmother Astrid who raised three children in Brasil while having the rest of the family in Sweden. Loosing her husband way too early and managing to raise her children all by her own during a time when women didn’t work or have an income.
Favourite product: HLU scarf
Get the Gallop dream product: Who’s not longing for the Hay Bag Weekend?

Title: Marketing Director
Location: Stockholm
Fun Fact: Used to run a rock club called Lucky7
Role model: Queen Elizabeth II - no explanation needed.
Favourite product: The Shopper - perfect bag for every occasion
Get the Gallop dream product: A Queen Elizabeth tribute blanket - I’m thinking horses, corgis, tweed skirts, land rovers and a crown on top.

Title: Senior mood manager
Location: Stockholm
Fun Fact: Everyone thinks I’m two but I’m actually eight, try to beat that!
Role model: There’s a saluki in my neighbourhood, one day I’ll be just like her
Favourite product: The leather dog lead, which means it’s time for walkies!
Get the Gallop dream product: A sausage dog costume please!

Title: CEO & Production
Favourite product: Sharktooth clutch, it's the perfect leather clutch to accompany you to your next event. Plenty of space for your mobile phone, card holder and keys. The bag has lovely artisanal sharktooth details and suede lining. Its simplistic design is stylish and modern and always make me feel dressed and confident.
Role model: Lisa Mårtensson, my grandma, and Gertrude Bell, a woman who dared to go against the norm and break the mould. 
Fun fact: Grew up as a teenager in Singapore, am a mother of four, has a permanent residency in Brazil but now living in Munka-Ljunby.
Get the Gallop dream product: a Blue & White pottery collection

Favourite product: The wash bags
Role model: Lisen Bratt Fredricson
Fun fact: When I’m not horse riding you’ll find me riding a bike
Get the Gallop dream product: I would love a pair of cosy slippers

Role: Warehouse manager
Location: Vinsta
Fun Fact: Can walk on my hands
Favourite product: Double Zip Bag
Get the Gallop dream product: A nice bomber/varsity jacket for spring
Role: Warehouse
Location: Vinsta
Fun Fact: I can cartwheel
Favourite product: Hay Bag Large Blue/Yellow
Get the Gallop dream product – liten smidig treatbag till kund/häst att kunna ha i sin handväska