New! Alphabet Posters for Horse Lovers

Nyhet! Alfabetsposters i hästens tecken
We are happy to introduce the first four motifs from a series of illustrations that will eventually be gathered on a poster featuring all the letters of the alphabet, with an equestrian touch. Each motif is now being released as posters in the size of 50 x 70 cm and are hand-signed by the designer Johanna Östergren.

“Ever since my daughter was born I’ve had the idea of wanting to create an alphabet poster for horse lovers”

Johanna Östergren has been active as a graphic designer and illustrator since 2004 - and as a horse enthusiast since 1979. She works both digitally and by hand. On occasion, she lends her expertise to Get the Gallop by providing additional support in graphic design tasks. We are so proud of having her contributed to the design of our 'Horse Lovers Unite' graphic.