We design our products with three qualities in mind: quality, durability and versatility (on the horse, at home or on the street!). Our items are made with timeless fabrics and colors. We constantly strive to simplify our products and to always choose the right material for the right product to ensure durability and versatility. Today, that's the equivalent of a truckload of clothes ending up in landfill every second*, so our responsibility as designers is to produce smaller collections and designer items that are easy to care for, repair, reuse and ultimately recycle.

*Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation


Upstream production accounts for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions from a product. As an equestrian and lifestyle company, we are responsible for eliminating the negative environmental and social impact that our own activity causes. Therefore, the first step for us is to screen our value chain and make changes where necessary. This is a long process that was not made easier by a global pandemic, but we are making progress in achieving transparency and building trust with our suppliers. Our goal is that by 2030 we will have full traceability and transparency for all our products down to the raw material.

As transport also accounts for a large part of our carbon dioxide emissions, we have taken steps to move most of our production to Europe to minimize some of our transport emissions. We always try to produce all our labels (hand and neck labels and patches) close to the production unit to reduce transport. We're far from perfect (yet!), but we're doing our best to change!