What can I fit in my bag?

Vad får jag plats med i min väska?

Here is a guide how to choose what bag size you need. Do you need a new work bag, a weekend bag or a small practical crossbody bag with room for only the most important things? We list our best sellers and what we think our bags are best suited for.


HAY BAG MEDIUM - For those who want a large and roomy everyday bag that doesn't weigh too much. You have room for a computer, gym clothes, a lunch box, the package to be returned to the post office, etc. But when you empty the bag, it becomes small and easy to carry. Easily carried on the shoulder, arm or hand.

THE SHOPPER - A soft and gorgeous bag for everyday running around town and to and from work. It's like a grocery shop plastic bag but made from soft leather. It also has a removable shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry on your shoulder. 

HAY BAG SMALL - For those who want a stylish, chic work bag but don't need to carry a large computer in tow. This handbag with an adjustable shoulder strap holds a scarf, a small computer/reading tablet and water bottle. Big enough to be practical, small enough to feel elegant.


DOUBLE ZIP - The smallest largest bag. With two compartments, this small crossbody bag manages to swallow so much more than you think. Glasses, mobile phone, lip balm, keys and all that extra stuff that you always manage to fill your bag with. Small, flexible and stylish, perfect to take everywhere.

HAY BAG MINI - Slightly larger than Double Zip. A stylish and unique handbag with removable shoulder strap makes this small bag both a cool crossbody bag or an elegant purse. With a slightly wider bottom, you can fit a lot, even the large glasses case you would never otherwise have room for.


HAY BAG LARGE - There is only one option for when you have to throw down your pack for a weekend in the country or with friends. A huge carry all bag without a lot of fuss. No zipper or inner lining, which reduces the ease of packing things in and out. Up on the shoulder and off you go!


CLUTCH - Liven up the party and add a stylish horsey touch to your look. Our small envelope clutch in leather, with the Horse Lovers Unite badge in gold metal, or our signature shark's tooth. You can fit the essentials for the party, mobile phone, cards, lipstick, etc. You know what you need! 😉

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