Get to know - Sean Lynch

Lär känna - Sean Lynch
Sean Lynch is one of the world's best, and nicest, grooms currently working with showjumper Daniel Deusser.
Which was your dream horse growing up?
- Has to be Milton. I remember watching on telly thinking that's just incredible.

Describe your perfect day off!
- Well normally my day off is the day after the show, so I like to catch up on some lost sleep, do laundry, repack and go again... but if we are home and not back to back shows I like to do brunch with friends and shopping!
What do you prefer to dance to, Avicii or Abba?
- I definitely dance to Avicii, b out if driving and tired a little Dancing Queen will wake me up!

Five things you can't live without?
- Would have to be phone, coffee, Tobago, Killer Queen, and my dog.

What are your plans for Christmas?
- Christmas will be spent working as we have Mechelen #norestforthewicked
But I will probably cook for a few of the people still at Stephex working

Top three favorite Christmas gifts from Get the Gallop?
- Horse Fleece Scarf
- All the sweaters from Get the Gallop
- My new Sharktooth Wool Blanket

Your favourite...
Christmas movie?
- Has to be The Holiday

Holiday destination?
- I have many fun places I went to with friends but there is still a few left on the list.
Maldives and Bora Bora being top two.
Show venue?
- This is difficult for me
- Geneva
- Aachen
- The new Stephex Masters is incredible
- Miami (boosts the Instagram!)

Favorite horse?
- Difficult, they are all like my children.
But Tobago and Killer Queen are the best!

- Unfortunately I don't read much
Song to dance to?
- Depends how tired I am. I like anything from Sam Smith to Ed Sheeran to Beyoncé to Whitney (don't drive in the truck with me, I sing loud!)
Thank you Sean! Best of luck at the next show and Merry Christmas!