Get to know - Wilma Hellström

Lär känna - Wilma Hellström
Top showjumper and one of our favorite gallopers Wilma takes time for our mini interview.

Which was your dream horse growing up?
- Milton
Describe your perfect day off!
- Go to the stable give horses carrots (Cicci a few extra) and then bake and watch a movie in front of the fireplace and cook a nice dinner with friends!
What do you prefer to dance to, Avicii or Abba?
- Abba
Five things you can't live without?
- Horses, family, tweezers, music, candy
What are your plans for Christmas?
- Going home for Christmas first time in 6 years
Top three favorite gifts from Get the Gallop?
- Hey bag! It's the best bag out there, so useful! Wool blanket and belt.
Your Favorite...
Christmas Movie?
- Love actually
Holiday Destination?
- Somewhere warm with good food
Show venue?
- Gothenburg Horse Show
- Cicci
- The Alchemist
Song to dance to?
Come on Lena- Håkan Hellström
Thank you for taking the time Wilma! And Merry Christmas!