Get to know - Callie Coles

Lär känna - Callie Coles
Get to know the woman with the most inspiring horsey and country life (and instagram), Callie Coles.
Which was your dream horse growing up?
- I loved the horse John Whitaker rode 'Milton' - he was the dream for me.
Describe your perfect day off
- Taking the children and ponies and dogs to the beach to blow away the cobwebs and then fish and chips for lunch and an afternoon in front of the fire all together.
What do you prefer to dance to, Avicii or Abba?
- Abba is the best!
Five things you can't live without?
- Warrior, Toby, Jesse, Merlin and Pippin
What are your plans for Christmas?
- It is just us at home this year. We will wake up and open our stockings, then go and feed and walk the animals, then lunch, then open presents, then a film in front of the fire and then put the animals to bed - then maybe a sandwich for supper, bedtime stories and everyone to bed. (If all goes to plan which it inevitably will not!)
Top three favorite Christmas gifts from Get the Gallop?
- The Whitney rugs are our absolute faves, the snuggly fleece hoods for the horses and a cool GTG hoodie.
Your favourite..
Christmas movie?
- We always watch National Velvet
Holiday destination?
- Borana, Kenya
Race course?
- Got to be Goodwood!!
- Warrior
- The Flambards series
Song to dance to?
- Honky Tonk Woman by the Rolling Stones
Thank you Callie and Merry Christmas!