We’re proud to be partnering up and selling this brand new pioneering brand. We’re already fans of Swedish skincare brand L:A Bruket, you’ve probably seen their products in trendy hotels, fancy restaurants or your hipster friends kitchen. That’s because they make really good stuff. And we mean properly good stuff. Good for your skin. For mother nature. Made in their own factory on the west coast of Sweden. You get the picture. So you can imagine our excitement when they announced they were launching a ‘skincare’ brand for horses, Padoc & Pace. Their products are just as L:A Bruket, made in Sweden from natural ingredients.

They asked themselves the following questions:

How could you accept petroleum based ingredients for your horse care products and not for your own?

How could you choose paraben and silicon based products as quick fixes to a horse care problem when there are natural alternatives that are healthier or more sustainable in the long run.

Well the answer is pretty clear. And so we’re fans and followers. And if you feel like trying their products out, click here to shop and be ready to be a follower you too!