We all need a bit of luck in our lives. So we thought a nice comfy sweatshirt with an oversized lucky horseshoe will do the trick! Imagine all the luck that can be gathered up in that massive horseshoe! Mindblowing.

We’ve changed the fabric in our sweatshirts, it’s now made from organic cotton and a little bit of recycled polyester. Supersoft and very luxurious feel (for a sweatshirt). And the factory has very good working conditions, with lots of fancy certificates but most importantly, they actually follow them and treat their employees well, pay them well etc etc. We produce small quantities of each style, and if they’re a hit we quite often continue with the style but otherwise they’re gone! Out! It’s our way of not over buying and sitting on large stock, producing lots of styles no one wants, we don’t need lots of unwanted clothing in this world. Don’t you agree?

So – say hello and meet our GtG Horseshoe Sweatshirt! Hope you like each other!