Getting to pamper the four-legged is more of a duty than a privilege when you are a pet owner. Seeing your beloved dog curl up on a lovely bed is the reward. Here are some tips and advice about choosing a dog bed for your four-legged darling.


The dog has a very large need for sleep, studies show that they sleep approximately 50% of the day, 30% are spent resting and the remaining 20% ​​are active. Of course, this varies between different breeds, age of the dog and size.

On average, an adult dog sleeps/rests 12-18 hours per day, while a puppy sleeps significantly more. This is believed to be because dogs have very short periods of deep sleep, something rooted in their origins from the wolf and the need to be alert. It is very important that the dog gets his rest. Let it be when it sleeps in its bed, however cute it is when it sleeps!


Choosing a bed for your dog can be difficult, especially with the large selection available! Should it match the decor at home? Which color suits best? Should it be round or is a pillow better? Below are some tips to consider when buying a dog bed.


In general, the dog likes to sleep in slightly smaller spaces. Study how your dog sleeps, does he sleep curled up, stretched out or in some other way? A dog bed should be a little smaller than you thought, but with room for the dog's sleeping position.

Many dogs like to make their beds before they go to sleep. This is an ingrained behavior inherited from their ancestors. They made beds to ensure that there were no dangers on the ground, such as snakes, but also to create a small pit as protection from the elements. To ensure that the dog can make a bed, or if you want to make the bed extra cozy, you can put one plaid in the bed. The blanket can also be used to protect the sofa from dirty paws and dog hair.


There are different types of beds and beds for the dog. Everything from pillows , snug beds for raised beds. For dogs that like to sleep stretched out is one pillow a good choice, while a round/oval bed usually suits dogs that sleep curled up. Some are happy with one blanket on the floor, here you will find several nice options!

Material and color

When buying a new bed, you should look at the washing instructions. Choosing a bed that can be washed is our best tip because your pet's bed can easily be kept clean and fresh. The bed should also have a good bottom that provides support and relieves the body while the dog sleeps.

Dog beds are available in many different colors. At Get the Gallop, you will find beds in various earthy tones to create calm and to be able to easily fit them into your home.


Placing the bed in a quiet and safe place is important. The bed is a place of rest, where the dog can sleep and recover. So even if the dog is absolutely not allowed to sleep in the mother's and master's bed (but still does), it needs a place to rest during the day. Place the bed somewhere where there is not too much movement, but preferably where the dog can still keep an eye on his flock. It is important to remember that if you have several dogs in the home, they should have their own bed, even if they prefer to sleep together. Perhaps a bed is also needed for long days in the stable?

With this as a background, you understand the importance of a good sleeping place for your dog. Why not spoil the dog with a luxurious bed from Mutts & Hounds or a charming bed from Sophie Allport !