If you're a horse in the Grevlunda Showjumping Stable then there are a few products you will most likely be dressed in. Dressed for success of course. Here are a few of Peder Fredricson and Stephanie Holmén's horses' favorites (yes they've been asked).

The Kentucky Horsewear fly veil . H&M All In's favorite and so everyone else obviously follows. Their new American style veil is the option of choice. It's called the Wellington. Obviously.

Fly veil sorted it's on to the show stopper. The Browbands . We're hoping you all have noticed the absolutely gorgeous retro looking but oh so stylish browbands that adorn the Grelvunda ponies. They're from us! Yay! They obviously get the colors they want, bespoke. But most of their choice of colors we tend to put into production and make available to you our dear customers. Such as the Gold and Navy that most of Stephanie's horses wear. Or the Blue and White that Peder used to ride in. Now he has switched to Black and Red so bear with us and who knows (!) it might be up in the webshop sooner than you think.

Ok, so now you've got the look when in the ring. What about when off work? Well, there are a few selections here. Most horses in the stable are fans of the Kentucky Horsewear Shipping Halter . All colors allowed (only three to choose from but still). It's faux fur is super comfy and can be washed. Hooray!

There have also been sightings of our favorite Cotton Web and Leather Head collar . Peder's super groom Malin Henlöv picked it out herself from us. In navy. They seem to have a thing for blue at Grevlunda. But talking about blue. Or rather, not so blue but quite the opposite. Something that does stand out color wise, but is such a classic that no matter what you're stable colors are it's always right. The Witney Wool blanket .

A classic. Our one is made on the original Early's of Witney mills in England. Pure wool. The best for the best. This form goes everywhere at Grevlunda. Horses, dogs, humans and cats love them.

We could go on but we've decided to stop here. Obviously there are countless of products used, different to each horse, show ground, rider, weather and purpose. But we dare say that the above products are very rarely left at home, if ever. No matter what.


Pictures from Instagram accounts of Peder Fredricson , Stepanie Holmén , Malin Henlöv , Hey Westring duck Grelvunda Showjumping .