GtG Witney Wool Square Blanket

2,990 kr

Not just an equestrian classic but also the very best woollen blanket you can put on a horse (or on your sofa!). They can be used in winter for extra warmth under the horse rug, in summer as an after bath drying blanket, and all year round as a must-have blanket in the lorry when off competing. And like us, bring one of them inside to put on your bed and/or sofa. This Enlglish wool rug has the iconic Newmarket pattern in mustard yellow with red and dark blue (almost black) stripes and a red stitching round the edges. They are made in England by the Early’s of Witney wool mills, as they always have been.

Size: 205 x 210 cm

Made of: 100% Pure New Wool

Care: Gentle hand wash or dry clean, lay flat to dry

Origin: Made in England

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