Klässbols x GTG

We are happy to introduce a new colour to the Linen Sharktooth Collection we’ve created together with Klässbol’s Linneväveri in Sweden. The Blue Sharktooth is now available in napkins and kitchen towels, as well as our grassy green and dark mustard yellow.

When you buy Klässbol’s linen products, you buy a product marked with Good Environmental Choice Bra Miljöval. The eco-label Bra Miljöval, which is the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s own eco-label, is intended to guide consumers to find the products that are least harmful to our planet. Flax is a natural product and linen products themselves have a long life.

Klässbol's Linneväveri is a family owned business founded in 1920 in the small village of Klässbol in Värmland, Sweden. At the time flax was grown locally, tody flax is no longer cultivated in Scandinavia, except on a very small scale, but linen itself, is enjoying a renaissance. A new awareness of nature and natural values has taken a strong hold. The linen from which we weave our linen products today comes from chipboard grown in France and Belgium. Everything is grown according to the rules for sustainable organic farming.