Woop woop!! Today is our first Birthday!

It was ‘just’ one year ago that we let our baby Get the Gallop loose on the world wide web. A whole year. We’ve had many laughs, not that many cries, lots of unpacking and packing of boxes, some broken nails, quite a few miles covered in the car, more cookies than needed and every now and then some rainy days, but mostly this year has been filled with sunshine and a love of what we do. Most of that sunshine has been you guys. Our customers and friends out there who supports us. Might be a bit creepy but we feel like we know most of you, and every order that comes in is very special to us!

Now we look forward to year two, so much that we need to better, achieve and complete. But it will be great and we hope you’re with us! Keep on galloping peeps!

Love from the gallopers x Caroline, Lisen, Louise and Fanny