Lär känna - Veronica Adam

Lär känna - Veronica Adam

A mini-interview with showjumper, model and pony freak (her words) @Veronica Adam

Which was your dream horse growing up?
 - For sure Plot Blue! I had a big poster of him and Marcus Ehning in my room as a kid.

Describe your perfect day off!
 -I tend to wake up early anyway, but I do love a nice slow breakfast. Any perfect day includes at least a little time seeing the horses, friends and good food.

What do you prefer to dance to, Avicii or Abba?
- Abba will make me sing and dance every time!! haha

Five things you can’t live without?
- Horses and my dogs, chocolate, laughter, take out food, kind gestures.

What are your plans for Christmas?
- Family reunion and relax by the sea near Rome, Italy.

Top three favourite Christmas gifts from Get the Gallop?
- It’s difficult to pick only three! I love the new cashmere beanie in forrest green, the bucking horse necklace and all Hay Bags!


Your favourite..

Christmas movie?
 - A classic- Home Alone.

Holiday destination?
 - Greece! Being part greek I love spending time there.

Show venue?
- Especially for the Christmas atmosphere, for me London Olympia.

- Cheesy answer but: my Dancing River.

- Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane.

Song to dance to?
- Walk The Moon - Shut Up And Dance


Thank you Veronica! And keep galloping!