Lär känna - Lisen Bratt Fredricson

Lär känna - Lisen Bratt Fredricson
Our co-founder, lady boss and hippie in heels Lisen takes part in our mini interview series. 

Which was your dream horse growing up?
- A circus horse in an old book, die pferde.
Describe your perfect day off! 
- It's at home! Starts with a long breakfast with family, tea and newspaper ends with a long dinner among friends.
What do you prefer to dance to, Avicii or Abba?
- I'm a dancer to all kinds of music, but okey... Avicii
Five things you can’t live without?
- My Hay Bags, that's 5!
What are your plans for Christmas?
- The whole family will spend Christmas at my childhood house with my brothers family in Stockholm and then we will go to Kenya, A dream come true trip.
Top three favourite Christmas gifts from Get the Gallop?
1. Haybag Large  can’t go wrong, my un-horsey fashion-friends love them men or woman and the countryside people too.
2. A sharkthooth designed wool blanket for the sofa
3. A cashmere beanie in green with a hidden carrot
Your favourite...
Christmas movie?
- Ivanhoe ( …Off course I fell in love with Peder as the blond knight when he was in his 20s :-)!! And it's good horse name actually..
Holiday destination?
- Rome or the Stockholm Archipelago 
Show venue?
- Falsterbo Horse Show 
- H&M All In - its so special to stand beside watching this little horse jump, he just has some more gears than other horses. 
- En komikers uppväxt by Jonas Gardell or Kollektivt Självmord by Arto Paasilinna maybe.
Song to dance to?
- Dancing around the Christmas tree off course to loud children and a cinnamon drink