Spring time feelings there yet?

No. Not here either. But have a look at Versace‘s Spring Summer 17 campaign shoot they did in Kentucky. High fashion and horses have always had a very special bond, to most people’s liking although there are always those questioning ‘what has fashion got to do with horses’. Well – sometimes you just need a little prettiness in your life, and clothes. This isn’t Versace’s first campaign featuring horses, they’ve had them in ad campaigns before as well as when Lady Gaga was introduced as the new face of the brand she rode into the American Music Awards in 2013 on a white ‘horse’ – not a real one but a very big white pretend one. And Versace have also cast our favourite model (of course she is) and eventer Edie Campbell in this campaign, very well played Versace. So who’s to say these models are out of place in Kentucky when Edie is there rocking the boat.

Now – maybe some spring time shopping will get the weather on our side!


Take a look behind the scenes of the Versace Spring Summer 2017 campaign as @bruce_weber captures the freedom and dynamism of summer in the Kentucky countryside.

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