Skultuna & GtG Stirrup Cuff – Matte Gold

598 kr


The stylish stirrup cuff, part of The Sharktooth Collection in collaboration with Skultuna. GTG and Skultuna have created a collection of accessories for men and women inspired by the equestrian world such as the signature shark tooth pattern.

Skultuna is one of the oldest running companies in the world and it is still a purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden. For over 400 years, Skultuna has produced objects of the highest quality. Always with that same sense of everlasting design.

For sizing, the Icon Cuffs are semi adjustable and can be bent to accommodate the size of your wrist. You can adjust your cuff bracelet in or out to make it smaller or larger.

Material: Matte Gold Plated Steel

Size:  S 54mm. M 59,5mm. L 65mm.

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