Per Josephson Wild Horse Red Tray Table

860 kr

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A piece of art as a side table! This tray and the red coloured stand it comes with id by renowned Swedish artist Per Josephson have created a limited edition collection of products  to go with his exhibition titled  ‘Wild Horses’ or ‘Vildhästar’. It’s a tribute to the soon non-existing wild horses. Their free mind, their constant movement, in coexistence with nature, has been stabled and fenced in. The grass lands where your mind can wander and never stop are shrinking. Per’s exhibition consists of a herd of 10 wild horses moving freely across an open square. Quietly grassing in the shadows of a tree, galloping at full speed, no saddles, no halter, only their freedom to guide them.

This collection of products consist of a selection of quality trays, limited edition and numbered silk scarves, sculptures and jewellery.

The red table legs to turn this tray into a chic side table.

Size of tray: 65 cm in diameter

Made of: Birch veneer

Origin: Made in Sweden


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