Padoc & Pace Black Cummin Hoof Wax

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All natural Hoof Wax from newly launched Swedish brand Padoc & Pace. The balanced properties of natural and organic ingredients like Wheat germ oil, Jojoba oil, Black Cumin oil, Olive oil and Lanolin will collaborate to create the perfect cure for hoofs in need of extra attention. Our wax is developed to prevent from dehydration, to nourish and strengthen, to cure brittle and cracking horn and regain elasticity. Continuous use will secure strong, functional and healthy hoofs with a protective barrier that will shine naturally.

Dry and cracking hoofs: apply on moisture hoofs for deep penetration. Normal and healthy hoofs: apply on dry hoofs. While attending the sole and frog apply the wax to keep them elastic and healthy (during winter the wax should be used to prevent snow from building up under the hoofs).

Padoc & Pace believes that nature provides the functional tools for our horses. They use ingredients derived from nature, the finest raw materials with exquisite properties, and without chemical substances and additives. All products are produced in their own factory (where their other brand L:A Bruket also is made) on the west coast of Sweden under constant manual control and handcrafted processes. This ensures that they can maintain a superb level of quality and functional properties.

Size: 350 ml

Origin: Made in Sweden

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