Padoc & Pace Argan Mane & Tail Oil

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All natural Mane and Tail oil from Padoc & Pace. A luxurious, no compromise blend of organic and natural Argan oil, Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Shea butter and Sunflower oil creates a nourishing, caring and healing treatment. Continuous use will build a stronger mane and tail with a higher resistance to dirt and tearing and a naturally created detangling effect. The magnificent shine is a bonus.

Apply by taking a handful dose and drag/massage it through mane and tail. Follow up by brushing it in carefully. Repeat a few days to start with until you have built up a good resistance. Could also be used on skin and coat.

Padoc & Pace believes that nature provides the functional tools for our horses. They use ingredients derived from nature, the finest raw materials with exquisite properties, and without chemical substances and additives. All products are produced in their own factory (where their other brand L:A Bruket also is made) on the west coast of Sweden under constant manual control and handcrafted processes. This ensures that they can maintain a superb level of quality and functional properties.

Size: 250 ml

Origin: Made in Sweden

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