Martingale Control Dog Collar

325 kr


A very smart dog collar for dogs who are a bit too keen on those stable cats. The martingale dog collar is constructed with two loops – one around the dog’s neck and one connecting two dee rings on the main collar. The collar is to be fastened so that it is comfortable for the dog. When the lead is fastened to the dee ring on the small loop, pressure will be applied to the dog’s neck when it pulls or tries to escape the collar. More corrective than a plain collar but not as harsh as a choke chain or other types of control collars. And when you don’t need that same control (far from rabbit fields) you can connect the lead to the other dee ring. Environmentally friendly leather made in the USA with American leather and according to “Old World American Craftsmanship”. Vegetable tanned. Colour dark brown with a solid brass buckle and dee rings. Make sure you get the lead to match!

Width: 2.5 cm

Made of: Leather and Brass

Origin: USA

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