Equestrian Life: From Riding Houses to Country Estates

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A visual study of the equestrian lifestyle, showcasing stables and interiors of country houses and estates of the British Isles and Ireland. Often situated on idyllic grounds these houses boast classical interiors with a traditional decor, which continues to inspire home and lifestyle brands worldwide. Centuries-old residences belonging to owners of polo ponies; magnificent thoroughbreds; hunt horses; and carriage teams are included in this extensive and lavishly illustration collection. From Royal Mews and stately homes with stables and barns to polo clubs and stud farms the photography showcases the best of the British Isle’s diverse equine homes and is a must-have for any equestrian or interiors enthusiast. By Lavinia Branca Snyder (Author), Mark Roskams (Photographer), Lord Patrick Beresford (Foreword).

Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications

Pages: 240

Publish Date: October 02, 2018

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