Get the Gallop strives to make sure that the products we make, the way we work, and the choices we do are all made with the environment in mind. To make sure we choose the right materials for our products as well as how they are transported and packaged from supplier to warehouse to customer is vital. It’s not about green washing and trying to look good. It’s about us being able to run a commercially driven business that makes non life essential products for customers and not feel bad about ourselves. We want to make you products that will last, and bring joy to many for years to come. We think if you choose qualilty instead of quantity, buy less but better, we can go a long way.

Below are some answers to your questions regarding our sustainability. We’re not perfect, yet. But here’s what we do know.

Certifications – These are needed to make sure suppliers and producers maintain and work towards the same goals and so that we know what goes into our products. There are lots of certifications out there and we’ve listed the ones that we most use.

Code of Conduct – Get the Gallop’s code of conduct must be signed and upheld by our suppliers. We follow and work after the recommendations of the Living Wages Incubator set up by the Fair Wear Foundation.

Packaging – We don’t use any plastic in our standard packaging. When we send out your orders we use biodegradable packaging and no plastic. The packaging, boxes and paper, is made out of paper from sustainable forestry. Most of our packaging has the label ‘Återbära’ which means the material is 100% carbo neutral.

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