Use, Repair, Reuse.

If you take care of your product it will last longer. Makes sense. 

Leather products are easiest to clean by using a damp soft cloth. Use, for example, natural beeswax or a good quality leather oil, to give a new shine to the surface and make the leather more durable.

The wool products are washed in the wool program in the washing machine, with detergent for wool, but can instead be aired and washed with warm water on individual spots. All natural wool 'piles'/fluff, often the piles can be removed by hand, you can also use a wool comb.

Silver and Gold Jewellery is best cleaned with a soft, lint-free cloth. It will keep your jewellery looking its best and help with any natural tarnishing. In between use we suggest you keep your jewellery in a sealed bag or airtight container.

In all our clothing there are care instructions to follow. Please use environmentally friendly detergent and wash moderately and at low temperatures.