By taking care of your products and looking after them well, they will last a long time and age nicely. Below are tips on how to clean, repair or care for your Get the Gallop products. If you have questions, please contact us and we will help.



The easiest way to clean leather is to use a damp soft cloth. Then use a natural beeswax or a good quality leather oil to give a new shine to the surface and make the leather more durable. Leather dries over time and does well to be lubricated so it continues to be soft and supple.

When seams have come up or worn, most cobblers can repair and sew so it's pretty much in original condition.



If you have got a stain on your wool blanket, it is often enough to just wash the stain with warm water. Wool is unique in its properties, including that it largely 'washes itself'. Hang out and air your wool blanket and it will be almost as good as new afterwards.

If you feel that you need to wash the blanket properly, send it to the dry cleaner, hand wash or use the wool program in the washing machine, and then with detergent for wool.

All natural wool has piles/fluff, often the piles can be removed by hand, you can also use a wool comb.

The felt is brushed to be extra soft and fine and this means that there may be loose wool lying on the surface. It can be plucked, combed or carved away. When you use the felt, bumps appear, this is because the wool fibers are not completely smooth and have a tendency to catch on each other. The best way to make the surface soft and nice again is to use a wool comb or a tufting machine. You can treat the felt repeatedly without it being damaged, however, you must avoid pulling the nubs away. Another tip is to steam/iron the blanket on medium heat to fix the wool after combing it.

Electricity occurs above all in a dry environment, such as in a heated house in winter, and when different materials come into contact with each other and then separate. Textile is a non-electrically conductive material and therefore electricity that arises remains in the product until it is led away or neutralized in some way. You can easily remove the electricity in a blanket by moistening it with water. The water can be sprayed on with a bottle or you can use a washcloth. It is also good to steam or iron the blanket on medium heat and to hang it outside and air it. Another trick is to drag a metal object over the blanket, for example a metal hanger, which then catches the electricity and conducts it away.



Our hand-braided shark tooth straps are easiest to wash with a sponge, warm water and a little soap. Rub gently so you don't 'pull' the braid' and let it dry on its own. You clean the leather as you clean your bridle/leather with leather oil or leather soap.



In all our clothes there are care instructions to follow. Please use environmentally friendly detergent and wash moderately and at low temperatures.