Introducing Get the Gallop x Stephanie Holmén

Vi introducerar Get the Gallop x Stephanie Holmén

We are proud to present GtG x Stephanie - a new collection of saddlebags designed by show jumper Stephanie Holmén exclusively for Get the Gallop.

'I have put together a collection of chambrays with shape and color that I think are timeless, qualitative and stylish!' - Stephanie Holmén

Made in Italy from organic and recycled materials with classic
quilted exterior and honeycomb cotton interior. Stephanie has designed three color combinations, two of which, one white and one blue, will be released on July 1.

'Steffi is a real role model on horseback and has created a collection that is as cool, classic and quality as she is herself.' says Caroline Kanekrans, CEO at Get the Gallop.

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