The perfect handluggage on your travels

Perfekta handbagaget på resan

With restrictions changing all the time it's hard to keep track all the time. Our go to choice, and if you ask us which of course you now have, is always the Hay Bag Medium. Why is that you ask.

Well the soft shape of the bag makes it quite adjustable to fit into any space you want it to, depending of course of what you've filled it with. You will not only have a very practical bag that's easy to throw all your tax-free shopping into but it's also classy looking in it's Italian made leather and organic cotton straps. It's small inside pouch which is attached to the inside gives you a safer spot for small essentials (we're thinking passports). 

It's also easy to carry either on your arm or in your hand with the shorter straps, or for when your arms are tired or holding a hot mocca latte, on your shoulder with the longer straps. Easy peasy. 

Safe travels!