Seriously, how great is this! We've seen him on TV, met him in the stable, the kitchen and at horse shows. We've heard his story on the radio, read interviews in the papers and magazines. And now finally! We get a whole book of him! YAY.

With lots of lovely pictures from early days riding at home to competing at the Olympics it gives you a good insight into the world of the world number two.

It will surely wet your eyes and make your love of horses grow even more. And what could be better than that?

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If you've read it we'd love to hear your thoughts. Unfortunately only available in Swedish at the moment but we're rallying for an English version.

Peder Fredricson has finally become a book! We have been able to follow him on television, radio, in newspapers and magazines. We have seen him at competitions, in his stable and on horseback. And now finally in book form. And what a book! A perfect mix of pictures and text where we get an insight into his life at competitions, at home and the special relationship with horses that we all admire. Perfect gift for a horse lover or a lovely book to enjoy yourself for inspiration.

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