Grelvunda recommends: Newmarket Wool Blanket

Grevlunda tipsar: Newmarket Ullfilt

Newmarket blanket in 100% wool - a real horse classic! This English wool blanket with the iconic Newmarket pattern has been adorning horses for over 150 years. A thick and dense blanket perfect for extra warmth during transport or after work/washing.

This blanket is used extensively at Grevlundagården. Here is a guide, step by step, for how Grevlunda does to ensure that the slip is safely in place under other covers.

1. Start by placing the blanket over the horse's back so that it goes forward over the neck.

2. Fold up both front corners of the blanket so the ends are at the horse's withers.

3. Place the blanket you want the horse to wear over the blanket. Fasten the buckles as usual and then fold back the part of the blanket that sticks up on the horse's neck. In this way, the blanket stays in place without sliding behind!