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We’re going wild for Society Wit!

This is just what we needed this grey and cold January! Equestrian nail polish! The colours are perfect and very on trend, the quality and ingredients too, and then they’re all equestrian themed. Perfect pressies for your horsey friend or as a nice treat to yourself. Made by American brand Society Wit, the polishes are hand mixed in small batches locally. They’re vegan, cruelty-free and 10-free (avoiding harmful chemicals found in most drug store nail polishes for healthy, vibrant nails).

Inspired by east coast style with a whimsical twist, the Society Wit lacquer brand was created entirely by accident by founder, Meredith, while mixing colors to create her own formulas when she couldn’t find the colors she wanted on the mainstream nail polish market. They’re based in Bethesda, Maryland, just outside of Washington DC, they’re inspiration comes from life around there.

We hope you will love them as much as we do! Click here to browse and shop them all.

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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Thank you!

2018 is almost over and we’re looking ahead towards an exciting 2019. We have great plans for this coming year, and can’t wait to get it started. But first and most importantly we’d like to say thank you. Thank YOU. Cause it is you dear reader, visitor, customer and supporter who makes the world go round. The GtG world!

We hope you have some time off during the holidays and spend it as you wish. Keep sharing that love of yours and we’ll see you out there, probably among our four legged friends.

Best wishes for the new year and lots of love

the Get the Gallop team

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Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

Until we can have snow, we have rain. So let’s embrace it! Here’s our pick of the most rain friendly products we have for dogs, horses and humans. If you can’t beat them (the rain gods), let’s join them.

For us humans there are several ways of keeping dry. And warm. This pretty Fedora hat from the makers of our all time jacket (the safari jacket) Hickman & Bousfield have also made this awesome hat. It’s wide brimmed. A perfect sage green colour. And shouldn’t be out in the pouring rain but we’re rebels so we do that anyway. And so far  it’s ok with it.

Kingsland’s down jacket might not be fully water proof but it’s warm and water repellent. So as long as it’s not pouring down and you’re stuck outside for too long this will do the trick. And it’s warm. And cosy. And classic. Love.

Seriously. We know you’ve been staring at them. Yes they are hideous. And no you will never ever wear them with pride. But oh they are comfy. Warm. Tight. Nice. Brilliant tights from Kingsland Equestrian, made to wear underneath your breeches. That bit of nylon by your calf, perfect. Comes in black and nude (to wear underneath light colour breeches obvisouly).

Layer up! This gorgeous gilet from Colombian brand Rönner Design is perfect to wear underneath that warm jacket. It’s pretty pattern hides the fact that this is a very smart sports vest. It has a water repellent fabric, a pocket on the lower back for your mobile, and good sized pockets for gloves and treats. Just what we want while riding!

The All Weather Rain Rug and Neck from Kentucky Horsewear. Perfect in the field or at horse shows this combination will keep your horse (and pony since they come in pony sizes!) as dry as rugs can do. And it’s got the Kentucky faux rabbit skin at the seams by the ears etc to keep from rubbing. And pretty faux leather piping for a very sassy look. Shop by clicking here!

We don’t want to overdo the whole rugs on dogs thing but when it’s really raining cats and dogs we can go some way to keep them a little bit on the dry side. And when we do, we go old school. The waxed cotton dog coat from Mutts & Hounds is gorgeous and water proof! Comes in navy and green and has a pretty tartan fabric on the back of the collar. Now you just need to wipe this paws and your good for a cuddle!

And finally. When all things fail. Drink some tea. In your Get the Gallop keep cup. And remove the lid to drink straight from the cup, for that extra warm and fussy feeling.

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Proud to present Padoc & Pace

We’re proud to be partnering up and selling this brand new pioneering brand. We’re already fans of Swedish skincare brand L:A Bruket, you’ve probably seen their products in trendy hotels, fancy restaurants or your hipster friends kitchen. That’s because they make really good stuff. And we mean properly good stuff. Good for your skin. For mother nature. Made in their own factory on the west coast of Sweden. You get the picture. So you can imagine our excitement when they announced they were launching a ‘skincare’ brand for horses, Padoc & Pace. Their products are just as L:A Bruket, made in Sweden from natural ingredients.

They asked themselves the following questions:

How could you accept petroleum based ingredients for your horse care products and not for your own?

How could you choose paraben and silicon based products as quick fixes to a horse care problem when there are natural alternatives that are healthier or more sustainable in the long run.

Well the answer is pretty clear. And so we’re fans and followers. And if you feel like trying their products out, click here to shop and be ready to be a follower you too!

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Browbands at WEG Tryon

The World Equestrian Games in Tryon, USA, is over. What a party! Journalists of better quality than us have written, reviewed and showed us all the stories and details so we’re not gonna go into that. But we just have to say how happy and proud we are to see our browbands adorn six horses in the showjumping! All of the horses in the Spanish team wore their custom made red and yellow velvet browbands. LOVE them! We’re contemplating making that colour combo a part of the next season’s collection! And then there was our Swedish friends, first reserve Stephanie Holmén’s ride Flip’s Little Sparrow and Peder Fredricson’s horse H&M Christian K both wore the blue and yellow Swedish browband with pride! Next time we want to see the whole Swedish team in that browband mr Ankarkrona! 😉

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Peder Fredricson’s Book!

Seriously, how great is this! We’ve seen him on TV, met him in the stable, the kitchen and at horse shows. We’ve heard his story on the radio, read interviews in the papers and magazines. And now finally! We get a whole book of him! YAY.

With lots of lovely pictures from early days riding at home to competing at the Olympics it gives you a good insight into the world of the world number two.

It will surely wet your eyes and make your love of horses grow even more. And what can be better than that?

Get your own copy by clicking here!

If you’ve read it we’d love to hear your thoughts. Unfortunately only available in Swedish at the moment but we’re rallying for an english version.

Peder Fredricson har äntligen blivit bok! Vi har fått följa honom på tv, radio, i tidningar och magasin. Vi har sett honom på tävlingar, i sitt stall och på hästryggen. Och nu så äntligen i bokform. Och vilken bok! En perfekt mix av bilder och text där vi får inblick i hans liv på tävling, hemma och den speciella relationen till hästar som vi alla beundrar. Perfekt present till en hästtokig eller en härlig bok att njuta av själv för inspiration.

Köp den här!

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Meet our most stylish friend

She’s classy, with an old school look but with a modern and fashionable touch. Her sense of quality and attention to details is impeccable. Come warm summer days, or chilly autumn nights, we want to keep her close.

Let us introduce you to her. Aisling Equestrian. The newly launched Swedish ridewear brand on everyone’s lips! The two founders have a past in fashion which you can tell as well as a new vision for ridewear by combining hi tech materials with classic design.

Shop Aisling Equestrian by clicking here.

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Kentucky Horsewear goes Bordeaux

All around cheers at the office when these bordeaux coloured babies came in from Kentucky Horsewear! Seriously, we’ve got a thing for the colour burgundy (bordeaux etc). We do love navy blue but a bit of colour always cheers you up, even if it’s a muted red. What do you think? Will you go bordeaux this autumn or stay blue?

Shop all Kentucky Horsewear products by clicking here.

Albeit not bordeaux coloured but do check out their new riding rugs, walker rugs and stable curtains! So much to love!

More products will come in these coming weeks so stay tuned.


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So much galloping love!

Last weekend was spent down in the south of Sweden at our second home Grevlunda gården, the home of Lisen and her family, and her and husband Peder Fredricson’s Grevlunda Showjumping.
It was time for the Grevlunda Grand Prix. First of all, well done team Grevlunda and Österlen Ridklubb for putting together such a fun, warm (in all aspects), hi quality show!
What made the show even better and what will fuel us these coming months (apart from all this glorious sunshine) was seeing all our browbands out there. We’re thrilled so many of you are embracing our velvet browband craze and adorning your horses in them! The horses look kick ass good and so do you riding them. As a small start up fighting every day to do, make and get better this is everything. To see your pictures, read your messages and hear your feedback. Thank you! There’s so much more to come so keep following us. And keep galloping!

Caroline, Lisen and Louise


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Get the Look – the horses of Grevlunda Showjumping

If you’re a horse in the Grevlunda Showjumping Stable then there are a few products you will most likely be dressed in. Dressed for success of course. Here are a few of Peder Fredricson and Stephanie Holmén’s horses’ favorites (yes they’ve been asked).

The Kentucky Horsewear fly veil. H&M All In’s favourite and so everyone else obviously follows. Their new American style veil is the option of choice. It’s called the Wellington. Obviously.

Fly veil sorted it’s on to the show stopper. The Browbands. We’re hoping you all have noticed the absolutely gorgeous retro looking but oh so stylish browbands that adorn the Grevlunda ponies. They’re from us! Yay! They obviously get the colours they want, bespoke. But most of their choice of colours we tend to put in production and make available to you our dear customers. Such as the Gold and Navy that most of Stephanie’s horses wear. Or the Blue and White that Peder used to ride in. Now he has switched to Black and Red so bear with us and who knows (!) it might be up in the webshop sooner than you think.

Ok, so now you’ve got the look when in the ring. What about when off work? Well, there are a few selections here. Most horses in the stable are fans of the Kentucky Horsewear Shipping Halter. All colours allowed (only three to choose from but still). It’s faux fur is super comfy and can be washed. Hooray!

There has also been sightings of our favourite Cotton Web and Leather Head collar. Peder’s super groom Malin Henlöv picked it out herself from us. In navy. They seem to have a thing for blue at Grevlunda. But talking about blue. Or rather, not so blue but quite the opposite. Something that do stand out colour wise, but is such a classic that no matter what you’re stable colours are it’s always right. The Witney Wool blanket.

A classic. Our one is made on the original Early’s of Witney mills in England. Pure wool. The best for the best. This blanket goes everywhere at Grevlunda. Horses, dogs, humans and cats love them.

We could go on but we’ve decided to stop here. Obviously there are countless of products used, different to each horse, show ground, rider, weather and purpose. But we dare say that above products are very rarely left at home, if ever. No matter what.


Pictures from Instagram accounts of Peder Fredricson, Stepanie Holmén, Malin Henlöv, Haide Westring and Grevlunda Showjumping