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The glorious world of Dubarry

If it’s one country lifestyle brand we love it’s Dubarry of Ireland. I, Get the Gallop co-founder Caroline, bought my first pair of Dubarry leather boots at Royal Windsor Horse Show back in 2005. Since then I’ve added a few pairs to the collection. The classic Galway boots but also my new favourite, the Roscommon. Lasting a lifetime when cared for well (and no, they don’t really last a lifetime so there’s no such guarantee but you get the point) these boots will become your best friend come rain, sleet and snow. Paired with the Dubarry Alpaca socks, which now comes in both knee length and short versions, they’re all you need this winter. No more clumsy rubber wellies. The Dubarry boots will shape around your foot like any good quality leather shoe, and since it doesn’t weigh a lot it’s perfect for walking.

Apart from the boots, we’ve also handpicked some other favourites for the Dubarry world. Such as this water resistent waxed coat. A very cool classic country look if you ask us. Click here to shop!

For more Dubarry goodies click here.

x Caroline

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Introducing Get the Gallop Scented Candles

So excited to bring your our new natural scented candles. Made in Sweden out of soy wax and natural scented oils from France. We’ve put together three candles for you, hope you like them! Shop them all here.

I Need More Gallop. Sometimes it’s as easy as that. You need more gallop in your life. More life. More heart pumping. More passion. Often this is helped with just that, a gallop through the woods. The heartbeat of a horse, thundering hooves and the smell of nature.

Look! A Horse. Brought a smile to your face didn’t it? Cause this is something all horse lovers understand. The feeling inside you when you see that magical four legged animal. Doesn’t matter where, or how often. You still react with a childs enthusiasm. With a green grass scent, this candle is the perfect gift for your horsey friends. Including yourself.

Back in the Saddle. We’ve all heard it, said it, thought it. This natural scented candle is for the fighting spirit in you, the trie harder, be better and love what you do spirit. With a Leather scent this candle is a lovely gift for any horsey friends with a soft spot for saddles and tack rooms.

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Get the Gallop x Skultuna

The Sharktooth Collection in collaboration with Skultuna. GTG and Skultuna have created a collection of accessories for men and women inspired by the equestrian world such as the signature shark tooth pattern. 

The Swedish establishment that is Skultuna is one of the oldest running companies in the world (!) and it is still a purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden. For over 400 years, Skultuna has produced objects of the highest quality. Always with that same sense of everlasting design.

With Get the Gallop’s love of design and quality, sustainability, and passion for horses, we decided it was a perfect match! We hope you think so too. Browse the collection and shop your favourites here

The campaign was shot by photographer Jörgen Brennicke, model Vanessa Falk (and her horse Adrienne), make up by Emelie Wood.

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Country Sports, Horses and Bubbles!

Sounds just like a very nice weekend set up doesn’t it?! It’s actually more a summary of the new ranges and products that we’ve just had delivered from two of our favourite British brands, Sophie Allport and Lucy Green Designs. 

Lots of perfect gifts for horse lovers, shooting lunatics, country bumpkins and dog walkers. We’ve got foxes, land rovers, pheasants, horses of course and then dachshunds, spaniels and lovely room scents to sooth us all down after a long walk. Click here to browse Sophie Allport, or here for Lucy Green. Or here and you will find them all! 

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Collecting all the luck

We all need a bit of luck in our lives. So we thought a nice comfy sweatshirt with an oversized lucky horseshoe will do the trick! Imagine all the luck that can be gathered up in that massive horseshoe! Mindblowing.

We’ve changed the fabric in our sweatshirts, it’s now made from organic cotton and a little bit of recycled polyester. Supersoft and very luxurious feel (for a sweatshirt). And the factory has very good working conditions, with lots of fancy certificates but most importantly, they actually follow them and treat their employees well, pay them well etc etc. We produce small quantities of each style, and if they’re a hit we quite often continue with the style but otherwise they’re gone! Out! It’s our way of not over buying and sitting on large stock, producing lots of styles no one wants, we don’t need lots of unwanted clothing in this world. Don’t you agree?

So – say hello and meet our GtG Horseshoe Sweatshirt! Hope you like each other!


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Introducing The Hay Bag Collection

We’re thrilled to fiiiinally introduce you to our first bag collection, The Hay Bag by Get the Gallop. It’s been many years in the making. It was actually one of our first ideas when Get the Gallop was just a baby. Our partner Lisen Bratt Fredricson started playing with the idea of making a sustainable non-plastic version of the big plastic bags we use daily in our horsey lives. And here we are! The Large bag was the original idea but we quickly added the Medium size bag to the collection to make sure we also had a handbag version of it too.

There’s also the tiny satchel bag, that’s for fun, and actually very practical too. It will keep all your tiny belongings (read cards, phone, keys etc) whereas the big bags will take care of the rest. So now, dear gallopers, start fill them up and enjoy the ride!

In Swedish:

Vi är stolta att äntligen presentera vår första väskkollektion, the Hay Bag! En praktisk, lätt och snygg väska som rymmer det mesta du behöver få plats med i vardagspusslet, resan eller stallet. En höpåse eller väska för tävlingar, perfekta handbagaget eller för dator och jobb. Du väljer. Get the Gallop!

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Get the Gallop x A Public Announcement

We’re thrilled to annouce our collaboration with Swedish cashmere brand A Public Announcement. We love natural fibres, and when they’re soft like a horse’s muzzle we’re sold. No surprise then that we fell in love with A Public Announcement’s fine cashmere sweaters and it didn’t take us too long to start dreaming of a horsey one. And so Victor, the founder of APA, found himself cast into the equestrian world. We doubt his life will ever be the same. 😉

A Public Announcement  is a cashmere clothing company whose product line is distinguished by superior quality materials and refinement in design. Through creativity, attention to detail and a continual desire for improvement, the company gives a special appeal to style and comfort. They’re also champions of sustainable production. What’s not to love right?

We hope you will love these horse sweaters as much as we do. Take care of them and they will stay with you for a long long time.

Shop them here!

So, what is Sustainable Production and how does it work?

Due to the increased population of livestock and the lack of appropriate pasture management systems we are facing a vast degradation to the fragile grasslands of Mongolia where almost 60% of the global cashmere supply is sourced from. This is the greatest threat to the unique heritage of Mongolian nomadic pastoralism. Lack of access to fair-priced markets and affordable services, low employment opportunities and high vulnerability to climate conditions are creating difficult circumstances for herders to achieve sustainable practices and high-quality cashmere production. Thus, they have a very weak bargaining position in the value chain and often are left with no economic security.

How is A Public Announcement involved?

A Public Announcement supports initiatives to develop pasture management systems which further aid improvements in cashmere production value chain as well as ensuring it’s traceability. 

Encouraging the adoption of sustainable practice models developed by international NGO’s such as “AVSF”, A Public Announcement is working in close partnership with manufacturers, herders and herders’ cooperatives directly to purchase, prepare and produce premium quality cashmere which ensures security to the traditional way of life for Mongolian herder families’ with the aid of modern science.

This way, APA can provide premium prices above market value to reward such good practices. As a result, A Public Announcement was able to establish a successful long-standing relationship with the herder families.

A Public Announcement aim to improve cashmere quality and the livelihood of the traditional herder families by promoting and implementing good pasture management and selective breeding systems (to reach optimal herd mix), fair and ethical trading conditions as well as the application and certification of international standards such as ISO 9001 in our production stages.