The actions we take in the next few years are critical and each must play its part in creating the conditions required for humanity to flourish within the earth's boundaries. Today more than ever, businesses have the responsibility to become strong agents of change, and we, Get the Gallop, took on the challenge to be one of them. 

The equestrian industry has been lagging behind for many years, and we've made it our mission to reset the standards of design, production, use and end-of-life for equestrian products. Get the Gallop is an attempt to reconnect our passion for horses and our love of nature by making durable and authentic garments that you can live, work and ride in!  

We are in no way perfect (yet!) and we know that we have a long way to go, but one thing is certain, passion and determination will get us there. We are in the process of screening through our entire value chain and are collaborating continuously with our business partners to find and implement new solutions to minimise our environmental impact. Our objective is to guarantee that every product or garment you order from us is made with quality material from reliable sources, that working conditions respect high international standards, that transport and packaging have a minimised environmental footprint, and that our final products are designed to last and have alternative end-of-life options.  

The equestrian apparel industry is rooted in linear and unsustainable production methods which makes it difficult to obtain changes overnight. We are working hard to find solutions, change mindsets and foster change along the value chain so that the equestrian industry is inspired to join the movement. We pledge to be honest and transparent with you at every step of the way. This is the start of our journey, and we're so happy to count you in!