The Get the Gallop wool blankets are perfect for when the cold is sneaking in. They’re made out of tightly jacquard woven ecologic lambs wool. The ecologic lambs wool is totally free of pesticides and no chemicals or antibiotics has been used in the breeding of the lambs. The blankets are made in Latvia and is 100% wool. Just as we like them.

The small blankets are perfect for baby cots, buggys and arm chairs. And the big blankets are a comfy size do snuggle down under in the sofa or put at the foot of your bed. Or why not let your horse wear it on cold days, perfect to throw on while warming up (or down).

So why do we love wool so much? When shearing sheep the wool could either be thrown away and burnt up or put to good use, like it has for years and years gone by. Wool has so many great qualities so we’d thought we’d list some here!

It’s a renewable source (the sheep grows a new fleece every year) and it’s biodegradable.

It has the ability to absorb moisture from the air and transport it away from the body leaving your skin dry and comfortable. And as if that wasn’t good enough, it works the same way but in reverse, keeping you cool as well.

It has antimicrobial qualities (no sweaty smell here!).

It is naturally flame resistant (harder to ignite than any other textile such as nylon, polyester, and cotton).

Wool fibres are naturally elastic fibres, if well cared for, a wool garment will last a lifetime.

So – hope you’re on board the wool love train!

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