The classic Sharktooth browband was braided extensively in the country’s saddle-rooms in the 70s. Back then, it was plastic bands that applied, preferably in the club’s colors or to match their own outfit. From the beginning, the pattern comes from the racing world, where the browbands were braided in the colors of the jockey. The trend quickly reached the rest of the horse world, both show ponies and polo horses started wearing shark-toothed browbands. In the racing world, narrow braids trended, while the polo horses had wider browbands. The show ponies’ browbands were blinged with rosettes and bling at the ends.

The Sharktooth browband is comparable to Chanel’s little black, it’s always a great choice. There are several ways of thinking when it comes to choosing the color of the browband. Either you choose one in tone-in-tone for a more sophisticated look or one in stronger colors for the more daring look. It is also still trendy to match the browband with the riding club’s colors, to have a browband that symbolizes the horse’s origin, or why not choose your country’s own colors, as Peder Fredricson does? Of course, the browband can also be matched with the saddle pad, jacket, and accessories.

The Get the Gallop-team loves the retro feel these browbands give. For those of you who feel blinged browbands are not for you, this is the perfect browband to give your bridle that little extra. 

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