Until we can have snow, we have rain. So let’s embrace it! Here’s our pick of the most rain friendly products we have for dogs, horses and humans. If you can’t beat them (the rain gods), let’s join them.

For us humans there are several ways of keeping dry. And warm. This pretty Fedora hat from the makers of our all time jacket (the safari jacket) Hickman & Bousfield have also made this awesome hat. It’s wide brimmed. A perfect sage green colour. And shouldn’t be out in the pouring rain but we’re rebels so we do that anyway. And so far  it’s ok with it.

Kingsland’s down jacket might not be fully water proof but it’s warm and water repellent. So as long as it’s not pouring down and you’re stuck outside for too long this will do the trick. And it’s warm. And cosy. And classic. Love.

Seriously. We know you’ve been staring at them. Yes they are hideous. And no you will never ever wear them with pride. But oh they are comfy. Warm. Tight. Nice. Brilliant tights from Kingsland Equestrian, made to wear underneath your breeches. That bit of nylon by your calf, perfect. Comes in black and nude (to wear underneath light colour breeches obvisouly).

Layer up! This gorgeous gilet from Colombian brand Rönner Design is perfect to wear underneath that warm jacket. It’s pretty pattern hides the fact that this is a very smart sports vest. It has a water repellent fabric, a pocket on the lower back for your mobile, and good sized pockets for gloves and treats. Just what we want while riding!

The All Weather Rain Rug and Neck from Kentucky Horsewear. Perfect in the field or at horse shows this combination will keep your horse (and pony since they come in pony sizes!) as dry as rugs can do. And it’s got the Kentucky faux rabbit skin at the seams by the ears etc to keep from rubbing. And pretty faux leather piping for a very sassy look. Shop by clicking here!

We don’t want to overdo the whole rugs on dogs thing but when it’s really raining cats and dogs we can go some way to keep them a little bit on the dry side. And when we do, we go old school. The waxed cotton dog coat from Mutts & Hounds is gorgeous and water proof! Comes in navy and green and has a pretty tartan fabric on the back of the collar. Now you just need to wipe this paws and your good for a cuddle!

And finally. When all things fail. Drink some tea. In your Get the Gallop keep cup. And remove the lid to drink straight from the cup, for that extra warm and fussy feeling.