So excited to bring your our new natural scented candles. Made in Sweden out of soy wax and natural scented oils from France. We’ve put together three candles for you, hope you like them! 

I Need More Gallop. Sometimes it’s as easy as that. You need more gallop in your life. More life. More heart pumping. More passion. Often this is helped with just that, a gallop through the woods. The heartbeat of a horse, thundering hooves and the smell of nature.

Look! A Horse. Brought a smile to your face didn’t it? Cause this is something all horse lovers understand. The feeling inside you when you see that magical four legged animal. Doesn’t matter where, or how often. You still react with a childs enthusiasm. With a green grass scent, this candle is the perfect gift for your horsey friends. Including yourself.

Back in the Saddle. We’ve all heard it, said it, thought it. This natural scented candle is for the fighting spirit in you, the trie harder, be better and love what you do spirit. With a Leather scent this candle is a lovely gift for any horsey friends with a soft spot for saddles and tack rooms.