Dubarry was founded in 1973, in the small village Ballinasloe located in the Galway province at the Irish West Coast. It was founded to give the population a way to support themselves. The name Dubarry derives from Louis XV’s French mistress, Madame du Barry. Dubarry quickly gained a reputation for having workers with great workmanship, who manufactured fine leather shoes in the highest quality. Dubarry was inspired by the sailing heritage of the Irish West Coast and specialized in making leather moccasin deck shoes.

During the ’70s Dubarry started to export their shoes to the UK and the rest of Europe. When Dubarry got their GORE-TEX license in the early ’90s, they created the first deck shoe in leather, that was both waterproof and breathable. During the mid 90’s, the iconic Galway Country Boot first saw the light of day. The boot was designed to face all weathers and conditions without compromising comfort or design. And what a boot it is! You haven’t missed Lisen’s tribute to Dubarry’s boots on Instagram, have you? The Galway Country Boot is made in DryFast-DrySoft™ leather and GORE-TEX® lining, which makes them perfect for muddy paddocks, snowy pavements, and wet lawns. 

During 2007, Dubarry released their first clothing collection, inspired by the Irish countryside. The collection consisted of, among other materials, garments in tweed. In 2010, the coats in waxed cotton joined Dubarry’s iconic collection. This was also the year when Dubarry was launched all over the world. a few years later, in 2012, Dubarry opened its flagship store, Dubarry of Ireland, in Dublin.